Steve is available for clubs, lounges, house parties, restaurants, cafes, and anywhere you’d like to add live music.  To inquire about booking, please fill out the form on the contact page.

WeddingSteve Siekkinen can provide a wide range of music mixing originals and covers, instrumental music, spoken word, blues, folk, and/or jazz.  Steve really enjoys playing events, because his passion and talent are not limited to one genre or style and he reaches many listener types during one show or event.  He can even alter songs as situations call for (removing vocals to turn instrumental, rock or pop songs into ballads, etc.).  Listen to a sampling of demos (covers and originals).  Work with Steve to create the ambiance you prefer.

IMG_7676 BAND: questionsinletters band provides glaringly original music, weaving genres into a “rock” package.  With distinct style, listeners have heard Frank Zappa having coffee with XTC or Tom Waits shaking hands with Steely Dan while some jazz cat peeks in through the window.  Others have heard Cake, Captain Beefheart, and Tragically Hip, for example.  The project is spearheaded by Steve (songwriter, voice, guitar, theremin)  The project remains open to other musicians of all sorts who are interested in participating in this work.

IMG_4600STUDIO: Steve has experience recording his own work as well as contributing to other projects in various studio environments and is available for session work.